Earlier this year, 4 year old Akita, Cassie, developed an unusual problem.


Earlier this year, 4 year old Akita, Cassie, developed an unusual problem. She suddenly developed sores inside her mouth and around her lips which were causing her to drool excessively and have bad breath. She also had some sores on her bottom. Cassie had some biopsies taken which suggested an immune-mediated disease called Erythema Multiform,…

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Why are Willows Specialists, special?

The Specialist vets working at here at Willows provide the highest levels of care for dogs and cats referred to us by veterinary surgeons across the UK. Within the practice we have a large team of highly trained and skilled veterinary Specialists working in a number of disciplines. If your dog or cat is being…

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Reggie regains his sight!


Seven-month-old Reggie came to visit our Ophthalmology Team with a history of sudden onset bilateral blindness. He was understandably anxious and quiet when he first arrived. After a full ophthalmic examination, Bilateral Optic Neuritis (a condition where the optic nerve becomes inflamed) was suspected. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain confirmed the diagnosis. Infectious…

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Presley feeling like a King again!


Presley is a lively young Chihuahua who was always bright and playful. So when his owners found him in a collapsed state one Saturday afternoon, they were extremely concerned. Blood tests at Presley’s local vet showed a severe liver disorder, so Presley was referred to Willows as an emergency the same afternoon. On examination by…

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We are blown away to have received national praise from non-other than the celebrity broadcaster and renowned dog lover Paul O’Grady. Paul O’Grady received a very kind letter of thanks in praise of Willows from Diane Chavasse following the sad loss of her beloved chocolate Labrador Rolo. In the letter Diane explained that Rolo sadly…

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Poor Nigel the Labrador puppy!


Little Nigel was only three months old when he was playing with his big brother and unfortunately slipped and broke his eye socket. Nigel was referred to the Specialist Orthopaedic Team at Willows. Kinley Smith, one of our orthopaedic Specialists, examined Nigel and further investigations were needed to determine the extent of the injury. Our…

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We welcome Mark to our Internal Medicine team


Mark Dunning MA VetMB PhD CertSAM DipECVIM-CA MRCVS RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine European Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine We are delighted to welcome Mark to our Internal Medicine team, where he will be working alongside Isuru Gajanayake, BVSc CertSAM DipACVIM DipECVIM-CA DipACVN MRCVS, Head of Internal Medicine, RCVS Specialist in Small…

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Happy as Harry!


Ear infections are a very common condition for dogs and in particular spaniels, the infections can often be difficult to manage as they do not respond effectively to treatment which in some cases may mean that surgery is required. Thankfully this was not the case for Harry, a six year old cocker spaniel who developed…

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All (Specialist) hands on deck for Harley!


Harley is lovely young Cocker Spaniel who didn’t have a great start to the New Year as she was unfortunately hit by a car. She was taken to her own primary vet but, due to the extent of her injuries, she was referred to our dedicated Specialist emergency and critical care service (ECC). ECC Specialist,…

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OW-CHOO for Esther!


Esther recently surprised her family and the staff at Willows in Solihull when she underwent investigations for persistent sneezing and discomfort around her nose. A CT scan revealed a 12cm long stick in her nasal cavity which thankfully was able to be retrieved with the aid of rhinoscopy (a camera study of her nose). Quite…

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