How do I register my pet with Willows?

If your pet has not been seen by a Vet at Willows before, you can simply contact us on 0121 712 7070. A member of the team will take your details and book an appointment should you need one. If your pet is currently registered at another practice you can transfer your pet to Willows by contacting your current Vet and requesting for your pet’s clinical history to be sent to Willows. Your pet will then been seen by a Willows Vet at the first routine appointment you make.

If your pet is already having treatment for an ongoing problem with a Vet at another practice and you wish Willows to take over your pet’s treatment you will need to contact your current Vet and request that they provide Willows with your pet’s clinical history including details of any blood test results, the results of any other investigations and also details of any treatment your pet is receiving. In such cases your appointment at Willows will be extended to 30 minutes in order to fully assess the situation, please note that the fee for the consultation will be proportionately higher as a result. You will be seen by one of our General Practice Vets in these circumstances.

What is a cat friendly clinic?

At Willows we take special care to make sure that the special needs of our feline patients are taken into consideration at every stage. To learn more, click here…


How do I make an appointment with a Specialist Vet?

Our Specialist Vets can only see patients referred to them by other Veterinary Surgeons. This includes Vets at other practices as well as within Willows’ General Practice team. This is just like human medicine when a GP refers a patient to a Consultant in the NHS or at a Private Hospital for more specialist treatment. if you would like your pet to be seen by one of our Specialists, please discuss a referral with your usual vet. Alternatively, please phone us on 0121 712 7070 and we can help you with the process.

What care is provided if my pet stays needs to stay in hospital overnight?

Willows offers exceptional 24 hour in-patient care with Veterinary and Nursing staff on duty, caring for in-patients 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. All patients benefit from continual monitoring, attention and care round the clock be it day or night, weekends or public holidays. Our Specialist Vets are also available should a patient require specialist investigations or treatment throughout the night. To find out more click here.


Are the team at Willows fully trained?

At Willows we take exceptional pride in providing the highest levels of care for our patients. Ensuring that we employ only Associates who are fully trained to the highest standards is key to delivering on our commitment to excellence. Willows is a recognised post-graduate training centre for Vets and a registered training centre for Veterinary Nurses. All Associates are encouraged to attend regular continuing education meetings, conferences, seminars etc., furthermore, we provide our own sponsored meetings for Associates, using speakers from both inside and outside the Hospital.

How much will my pet’s treatment cost?

If you would like details of consultation fees and routine procedures such as neutering, please contact us on 0121 710 7070 for up-to-date pricing. If your pet has a more complex problem then your Vet will be pleased to give you an estimate of further treatment costs at the time of the consultation, before you decide whether or not to go ahead.


Will my pet insurance cover the costs of treatment?

You will need to check with your insurance company about your level of cover, any exclusions you may have and what excess you will need to pay. We will do our best to help with this process, however insurance companies often prefer to deal directly with the policyholder.

My pet is insured, can Willows claim directly so I don’t need to pay?

Please see our Payment Options section for our policy on direct claims.


My pet has an ongoing problem, will I be charged for further consultations and treatment?

In general we make a charge for every consultation your pet has with a Veterinary Surgeon and for all treatments we prescribe. Exceptions are selected appointments with Nurses which are free of charge, a free six month health check after puppy or kitten vaccinations, the first two routine post-operative check-ups after a primary care neutering procedure, and the first two routine post-operative check-ups after certain other selected primary care operations. For referred patients any follow up appointments and post-operative check-ups will incur additional charges.


Can my dog become a blood donor at Willows?

In conjunction with Pet Blood Bank UK, Willows hosts regular blood donor sessions at the practice. Your dog can be a lifesaver! To find out more about Pet Blood Bank click here.

How can I leave feedback about Willows?

At Willows we are committed to quality and excellence and ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients and clients. To view our Customer Charter click here.

We are committed to providing a 5 star service to our patients and clients. Your feedback matters to our team so that we can continue providing great care. At Willows we continually seek to provide our patients and clients with the best care and the best service. We are keen to hear about what we are doing well so that we keep doing these things, as well as anything you feel we can improve upon.

If you would like to leave feedback you can do so by clicking here.

Complaints Policy

Willows is committed to providing an excellent service and the highest standards of patient care. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve is by listening and responding to the views of our clients and referring veterinary surgeons – this includes responding positively on the occasions when expectations are not met. We hope that we will always be given the opportunity to address any concerns, most of which can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise and directly with the person concerned.

If, however, the problem cannot be resolved immediately, please speak to our Client Care Manager or Practice Manager, either in person or by telephone on 0121 712 7070. They will hopefully be able to address your concerns personally and promptly. If this is not possible they will clearly explain any further action necessary including time frames. If you are still not satisfied, please put your concerns in writing to The Practice Manager, Willows Veterinary Centre & Referral Service, Highlands Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4NH.

Please be aware that if you leave things too long after the event, it may be impossible to investigate the complaint properly; therefore it is always best to alert us to any concerns you may have at the time. To help us to help you, please provide as much detail as possible with regards to dates, times, personnel involved and the nature of the complaint and the outcome you are hoping for.

All written complaints will be acknowledged within five working days, detailing the proposed actions, how we will keep you updated and the timescales involved. The time from complaint to resolution can vary depending on the individual circumstances, availability of personnel and complexity of the problem.

If we do not succeed in resolving the problem to your satisfaction, you should contact the professional conduct department of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons at Belgrave House, 62-64 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2AF.

To view our complaints policy click here.

Please note that to maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls.

Where can I find Willows’ Terms and Conditions?

You can view our terms and conditions by clicking here.