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Skin and Ear Clinic: A Legacy of Excellence

Willows is one of the few small animal Hospitals in the UK to have two Specialist Dermatologists supported by a truly multidisciplinary team, comprising Diagnostic Imaging Specialists, Soft Tissue Surgeons and Neurological Specialists. This, underpinned by world-leading facilities and equipment, such as CT scanning, enables Willows to provide the highest level of diagnostics and standards of care for patients with skin and ear disease.

Willows Skin and Ear Clinic is led by Dr Richard Harvey, European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology and notably one of the founding fathers of Veterinary Otology. Richard works collaboratively with Dr Tania Nunes Rodrigues, European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology. Together, Richard and Tania provide one of the only skin and ear clinics in the UK comprised of two European Specialists, ensuring the best possible patient care.

Skin disease and ear disease is very common, typical problems include chronic and recurrent itch, ear disease that keeps coming back and cats who pull their hair out.

Through extended one-hour consultants, early intervention, effective management, and bespoke care plans, Willows is committed to improving patient outcomes whilst reducing complications or the need for more invasive procedures for patients with skin and ear conditions.


What Can I Expect if my Pet is Referred to a Specialist Dermatologist?

At Willows an initial consultation lasts one hour, providing time to review the patient history and discuss the detail of the condition. This appointment will usually include several diagnostic tests, which often enable a diagnosis to be reached within the first consultation. In many cases, owners can observe the results of these tests in the consultation room where the image from the microscope is sent directly to a computer. For cases requiring further tests, a clear diagnostic plan is formulated.

If patients require procedures under anaesthesia, Willows has a Specialist-led Anaesthesia team who ensure that these are safe and uneventful. This multidisciplinary approach means that Specialists in other disciplines such as Internal Medicine or Soft Tissue Surgery can be involved in the care of Dermatology patients, providing a 360◦ approach to care.

Following initial consultation, and after all other appointments with Willows, your Specialist will remain in close contact with your referring Vet to ensure that they are kept informed of the management plan at all times.


What are the Most Common Skin and Ear Conditions?

Skin Disease

Many patients referred to Willows Skin and Ear Clinic suffer from allergies and develop chronic skin disease as a result. Many of these cases also suffer from chronic ear disease. Willows’ Specialist Dermatologists can investigate these cases fully with the use of intradermal allergy testing (like skin prick testing in humans), which can provide some patients with a management option that avoids long-term medications. Our team also commonly see pets affected by chronic or recurrent itch, anal furunculosis and interdigital cysts chronic pododermatitis.

Skin conditions can also be common in cats, as a gold level cat friendly clinic our Specialist team see and treat feline problems such as hair loss and crusted skin lesions.


Ear Disease

Ear disease is a very common problem in dogs and cats as the ears are lined with skin. Willows’ Skin and Ear Clinic diagnose and treat a wide range of ear problems including resistant bacterial infections, foreign bodies and ruptured tympanic membranes. We also perform hearing assessment testing for puppies and adult dogs.

Our Specialist team provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution to ear disease in dogs and cats and are in a unique position to work together with Specialists across a number medical disciplines including:


  • Investigation of deafness-BAER testing of puppies or adults
  • Managing Inner and middle ear disease-head tilt, or circling

Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA)
  • Vertical Ear Canal Ablation (VCA)


  • Ear flushing and cleaning to facilitate examination
  • Video otoscopy examination of the external ear canal and tympanic membrane
  • CT scanning of the middle ear


  • Identifying and managing the underlying disease.

What Facilities are Available at Willows?

Willows is proud to offer a state-of-the-art hospital with advanced imaging equipment including CT and MRI scanners. Specialists in Diagnostic Imaging are on hand to interpret the images produced by the CT and MRI scanners allowing full investigation of patients with chronic ear disease. Additionally, the advanced camera equipment at Willows allows for a patient’s ear canals to be examined in detail and enables delicate diagnostic procedures to be performed where necessary.


Fixed Price Packages

To support our pet owners and patients in achieving the best possible diagnosis and treatment plan we offer a range of fixed-price packages within our Skin and Ear Clinic for common conditions including;

  • Itchy Dog
  • Chronic Ear Disease
  • Itchy Cat
  • Cat or Dog with Hair Loss

To find out more about our Fixed-Price packages contact our team on 0121 710 7070 or email

Meet The Team

Tania Nunes Rodrigues


RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

Head of Dermatology

Tania graduated from Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria – University of Lisbon (Portugal) in 2010. She worked in first opinion veterinary for one and a half years before moving to a busy mixed practice in Lincolnshire. In 2013, Tania decided to seek a specialisation and joined a referral practice in Merseyside, where she undertook two internships, a rotational and the second in dermatology. In 2018, Tania began a three-year Dermatology residency at Gent University (Belgium). During that time, she also obtained the Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice in Dermatology in 2019.

In August 2022, Tania became a Diplomate at the European College of Veterinary Dermatology.

Tania is deeply passionate about improving the quality of life of her patients. Her main interests include atopy, immune-mediated conditions and ear disease.

Outside work, Tania enjoys spending time with her two cats (Teddy and Lizzie), and she loves exploring new places, parks and cultures.

Dr. Richard Harvey

European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

Richard graduated from the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Science in 1978, after which he worked in mixed and small animal practices in and around the Midlands. Richard obtained the UK and European Diplomas in Veterinary Dermatology, followed by a PhD, from practice. He has since focused entirely on small animals.

Richard has published 29 scientific papers and co-authored textbooks on ear disease, and recently, a textbook on ear, nose and throat disease.  His special interests are in-ear disease, bacterial skin disease and allergy in the dog and the cat.

Skin and Ear Clinic

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To assist owners whose pets have skin and ear conditions, we have put together a range of information pages to talk you through some of the more common dermatology conditions seen by our Specialist team.