Intern Team


Our Intern Team

Established for over 12 years Willows’ team of highly skilled interns are all fully qualified Veterinary Surgeons. Throughout their one-year rotating internship programme Willows Interns have primary case responsibility through our Out of Hours Service, working alongside dedicated Emergency Vets.

Working together with our team of multidisciplinary Specialists and Residents Willows’ Interns care for critical patients in our Intensive Care Unit.

Kayal Patel


Ophthalmology Intern

Kayal graduated from the University of Nottingham in July 2020 and began working in a first opinion practice in north west Manchester before joining the Rotating Intern team at Willows in January 2023. During his time at university and in practice, he has developed a keen interest in ophthalmology and is looking forward to furthering his skillset in this area as an Ophthalmology Intern.

Kayal has a goldendoodle named Elton and in his spare time, he enjoys exercising and is a keen golfer. Kayal also enjoys both playing and following football.

Chloe Armstrong

Veterinary Surgeon – Intern

Chloe originally studied Zoology at the University of Sheffield, before deciding to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. She graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2021 and went on to work in a busy first opinion practice in Oxfordshire, joining our Intern team at Willows in 2023.

Chloe is particularly interested in Ophthalmology and Cardiology and is looking forward to gaining more knowledge and experience in both of these specialities.

Outside of work Chloe enjoys running, hiking as well as spending time socialising and baking.

Justin Ng

Veterinary Surgeon – Intern

Justin is from Singapore and graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2018. Following graduation he obtained his certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture and is in the process of attaining his certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice in Small Animal Medicine.

Justin has two cats, named Merlin and Miko and in his spare time enjoys eating, cooking and playing video games.

Bijan Jalalian

Veterinary Surgeon – Intern

Bijan graduated from Ghent University in 2021. Originally from the Netherlands, he moved to Belgium for his studies before returning home to start an internship in a referral clinic. Upon completing this, Bijan went on to work as an emergency vet before coming to the UK to start a rotating internship at Willows.

Bijan is particularly interested in Anaesthesia as he is keen to make sure patients are as comfortable as possible during treatment, and he also enjoys the opportunity to work with a wide range of other specialities.

Outside of work Bijan is a keen gamer and enjoys playing video games with his friends, going to the gym and also has a long term love of track and field, having participated for over 13 years!

Timotheos Georgiadis

Veterinary Surgeon – Intern

Originally from Greece, Tim graduated from the University of Sofia in Bulgaria in 2019. Soon after graduating, he relocated to the UK to work in General Practice before going on to work in a busy hospital in Shropshire.

Tim is particularly interested in surgery and is working towards obtaining his PcG with Harper Adams University, as well as his Foundation Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care. He enjoys all aspects of surgery, from veterinary biomechanics and 3D bone remodelling to non-invasive endoscopic/laparoscopic techniques.

Outside of work, Tim loves travelling and outdoor activities.

Daniel Navarro Acosta

Veterinary Surgeon – Intern

Daniel graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2019, completing a year at University of Zaragoza as well as an internship in traumatology and orthopaedics in this time. Daniel then went on to complete a 2-year graduate programme at multiple first opinion practices in Shropshire before joining Willows.

Whilst Daniel enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, he has a keen interest in surgery and is looking forward to expanding his skillset during his internship.

In his spare time Daniel enjoys many outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking and taking his beautiful Golden Retriever, Broto, for long walks and trips to the beach.

Ana Blanco Perez

After graduating from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela in Spain in 2015, Ana went on to work as a Generalist Veterinary surgeon in a first opinion practice until 2020. She then completed a surgical internship at Anicura Valencia Sur (Valencia) before moving to the UK to further pursue her interest in surgery. After working for a year in a first opinion practice in the UK Ana joined Willow’s intern team in 2023.

Ana is particularly interested in Minimal Invasive Surgery and whilst she has no pets currently she is very much a cat person. Outside of the practice Ana enjoys reading, watching TV and painting.

Charlotte Ball


Veterinary Surgeon – Intern

Charlotte graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2021 before moving back to her roots in Devon, working in a rural mixed practice. Here she gained a wealth of experience in ‘all creatures great and small.’

Charlotte joined Willows as a Rotating Intern in January 2024 and she looks forward to developing her skills in all disciplines. Charlotte is keen to further explore her interests in internal medicine and soft tissue surgery and has a particular affinity for working with feline patients.

Outside of work, Charlotte has a horse named Jingo and a cat named Albert. In her spare time she enjoys horse riding, going for long countryside walks with Albert and travelling the world.

Shu Min Chan


Veterinary Surgeon – Intern

Shu Min graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2019 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation, she worked in a busy first opinion practice in rural Victoria, which first sparked her interest in Emergency Medicine. She subsequently worked as an emergency vet at various referral hospitals in Melbourne before starting her rotating internship at Willows in the UK.

Whilst Shu Min enjoys all aspect of veterinary medicine, she is particularly interested in Emergency and Critical Care. She is excited to gain more skills and knowledge during her internship.

Outside of work, Shu Min enjoys going on hikes, and travelling as well as aerial arts.

Syn Yoo Choi


Veterinary Surgeon – Intern

Originally from South Korea, Syn Yoo graduated from the University of Warsaw, Poland in 2020. After graduation Syn Yoo completed a 2 year graduate programme at a first opinion practice in Birmingham before starting her internship at Willows.

Syn Yoo has a particular interest in Soft tissue Surgery but is also determined to learn and develop in all the disciplines to be a well-rounded clinician.

Outside of work Syn Yoo likes to exercise at the gym, go for a hike with friends, and crochet small toys.