Grass Seed Season

Every summer many different grasses will shed barb-like seeds that can stick to the coat of an animal’s body and range in size from a couple of centimetres to only a few millimetres. In some cases, the dart shaped seeds will burrow into the body. What are the signs that my pet may have been…

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Willows has a Top Team for Hip Ops

Willows is very happy to announce that we now have an expert team of five Orthopaedic Surgeons who are certified to carry out the complex Total Hip Replacement (THR) operation. Alexis Bilmont, European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, is the latest in the Specialist Orthopaedic Team to gain his THR accreditation. Alexis now joins fellow…

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Emergency Airway Surgery for Archie!


Beautiful cat, Archie, was referred to our Soft Tissue Specialist Team at the end of 2018 as he was having severe problems with his breathing. His usual primary Vets were able to see that his larynx wasn’t working as it should and referred him to Willows for urgent assessment. On arrival, Archie was admitted to…

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Romeo Lumped with an Unusual Problem


Romeo, an adorable one year old Cocker Spaniel, was presented to the primary team with a non-painful swelling in his neck. He was normally a very lively and otherwise fit and healthy young dog. Will Robinson, Primary Veterinary Surgeon, discussed with Romeo’s owners the possible reasons for a lump in his neck, the most likely…

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