Emergency Airway Surgery for Archie!

06 February 2020

Beautiful cat, Archie, was referred to our Soft Tissue Specialist Team at the end of 2018 as he was having severe problems with his breathing. His usual primary Vets were able to see that his larynx wasn’t working as it should and referred him to Willows for urgent assessment.
On arrival, Archie was admitted to our Intensive Care Unit for further assessment and stabilisation. Later the same day, Archie had surgery with our Soft Tissue Specialist, Chris Shales. Archie had paralysis of his larynx which was causing his breathing difficulties. This type of surgery is more commonly carried out in larger dogs and the size of the larynx in cats makes this procedure much more challenging!
Archie spent time in our hospital recovering and we are very pleased to say that he is now at home and back to his usual self!
Archie 2