Jaffa’s bad hair day


Long-haired cat Jaffa came to visit primary care vet Georgina in November 2018, as he had been vomiting every day after eating. Blood samples did not give any clues to Jaffa’s problem so he was admitted for an ultrasound scan of his stomach and intestines. The ultrasound scan revealed Jaffa’s problem to be a Trichobezoar,…

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Specialist teams get together to save Mila!


Mila is a beautiful young cat who was referred to the Cardiology Team at Willows in Solihull by her usual vet as she was feeling very unwell and her vet had a suspicion that she may have fluid within her chest cavity. She also had some persistent bleeding from where she had previously had blood…

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Congratulations to Charlotte on becoming a Registered Veterinary Nurse


Charlotte has been an integral part of the Willows team for 8 years, and her hard work and dedication have recently paid off as she is now a qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse. Charlotte is the dedicated Pharmacy Coordinator and oversees the running of our pharmacy, providing training to new members of staff and ensuring we…

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