Specialist teams get together to save Mila!

10 March 2019

Mila is a beautiful young cat who was referred to the Cardiology Team at Willows in Solihull by her usual vet as she was feeling very unwell and her vet had a suspicion that she may have fluid within her chest cavity. She also had some persistent bleeding from where she had previously had blood taken.

Mila was seen by the Cardiology Team to look for the cause of fluid within her chest cavity, and they were able to confirm this was not due to heart disease, so the investigation continued with the Medicine Team. Further investigation and blood tests revealed that Mila was suffering from severe blood loss due to rodenticide poisoning. The Critical Care Team worked fast to stabilise Mila whilst we organised a feline blood donor to help us save Mila’s life.

Here at Willows in Solihull, we have Specialist teams covering many different disciplines which makes the care of our patients truly exceptional. The team approach of our Medicine, Cardiology, Emergency and Critical Care services all under one roof ensured a speedy recovery for this lovely girl.