Poor Nigel the Labrador puppy!

13 August 2019

Little Nigel was only three months old when he was playing with his big brother and unfortunately slipped and broke his eye socket. Nigel was referred to the Specialist Orthopaedic Team at Willows. Kinley Smith, one of our orthopaedic Specialists, examined Nigel and further investigations were needed to determine the extent of the injury.

Our Specialist imaging team performed a CT scan which showed a broken bone was pressing on his Nigel’s eye (see below scan).

He was rushed to theatre where the bone was put safely back into position and to make sure it didn’t move, it was held in place with a bone plate and six screws (see below scan).

Nigel was not allowed any rough and tumble play for a few weeks, but we are very pleased to report that he has recovered extremely well and is now able to get back into his normal activities.