Poppy Gant

Poppy graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2014. Already knowing that a career in emergency and critical care was her goal, she then completed two emergency-focused internships and then spent a year working as a busy hospital Vet before embarking on a three-year residency programme at the Royal Veterinary College in London. She completed her training and passed her Specialist exams in 2020.

Working in several busy hospitals means Poppy is experienced in managing a wide variety of critically ill patients. However, her Specialist training is particularly useful as part of a multidisciplinary approach to severely ill patients with complex problems, such as those with life-threatening infections or polytrauma.

Poppy is also always looking for ways to improve the way we manage the sickest of patients and has been carrying out research in the areas of congestive heart failure, diabetic ketoacidosis and resuscitation medicine.

Outside of work, Poppy is an enthusiastic gardener and is always looking to expand her plant collection. She also enjoys exploring the countryside and working her way through various recipe books.