21 July 2023

At Willows in the West Midlands we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new state-of-the-art hydrotherapy service for patients.

We have recently ‘splashed out’ to install a hi-tech recessed underwater treadmill and we are now welcoming animals for treatment.

Our three veterinary physiotherapists iwill run the rehabilitation suite and are all experts in harnessing the key properties of water to alleviate discomfort, promote mobility and provide wide-ranging benefits for patients. 

Emma Box, our head of veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation, explained: “Hydrotherapy has proved an excellent form of therapy for patients who need to build muscle and improve joint function.

“Our new underwater treadmill will be a real benefit to helping our patient’s recovery from injury or surgery, as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis.  

“It enables a form of partially-weight bearing exercise which harnesses the physical properties of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical wellbeing.

“The natural buoyancy of water means less stress is placed on the joints of a patient, allowing for easier movement and a greater range of motion for those in pain.  

“Working against the water resistance then helps us to increase the strength of the muscles surrounding any affected joints or injured areas.

“The use of varying water levels also enables the treadmill to be adjusted to suit the needs of the patient allowing the comfortable range of motion of any affected joint(s) to be increased.

“Hydrotherapy can also help to restore a normal walking pattern for patients who have lost the ability to walk properly on land.”

A key benefit of the state-of-the-art recessed underwater treadmill is that it provides ease of access for patients without the need for them to ascend or descend a ramp.

A GoPro camera linked to a large screen display then allows the rehabilitation team to carefully study a patient’s gait and movement to finely tune their recovery and rehabilitation.

Emma added: “Our expert team will be providing the very best support and care throughout.

“We realise it is a completely new experience for most patients and that it is important that they are as comfortable as possible to gain the most out of the hydrotherapy sessions.

“We’re confident that, working alongside the high level, specialist-led services here at Willows, the hydrotherapy suite will provide our patients with an important, additional level of care.”