22 February 2023

We are delighted to have added further to our impressive range of state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment with the arrival of an ultra-modern fundus camera.

As well as registering specific lesions and monitoring their progress, the hi-tech fundus camera allows our Specialist-led Ophthalmology team to take photos of the back of a patient’s eye, which in turn will allow them to determine trends and establish possible hereditary diseases in certain breeds.

Rodrigo Pinheiro De Lacerda, our Head of Ophthalmology, said: “The arrival of our fundus camera is a huge boost for our patients and the hospital.

“It will allow us to provide an even higher level of eye care, not least by providing clients with a better understanding of their pet’s diseases.”  

The fundus camera also benefits us by allowing the training of residents, the teaching of referring vets through CPD or by sharing information on referral letters that the vets can then examine on their own.

Furthermore, it allows the opportunity for writing case reports describing unusual presentations of certain diseases.

Rodrigo added: “Our fundus camera opens up a raft of new opportunities that will further enhance the reputation of Willows as having one of the strongest veterinary ophthalmology teams in the UK.”

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