Obesity in Cats and Dogs


Why Should I Bring my Pet to Willows for Obesity?

Willows is one of a handful of Specialist centres in Europe to have a board-certified Specialist in Clinical Nutrition, providing tailor-made plans to help your pet lose weight safely and effectively.


What is Obesity?

Obesity is when there is excessive body fat which causes a number of negative health effects.

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What are the Most Common Causes of Obesity?

Obesity is most commonly caused by excessive calories being eaten, compared to what is expended with exercise. Occasionally, medical conditions can also cause obesity.

What are the Common Problems Associated with Obesity?

Obesity can increase your pet’s risk of developing certain medical conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, bladder problems, and diseases of the pancreas and liver.


How is Obesity Diagnosed?

Obesity of typically diagnosed by performing a test called ‘Body Condition Scoring’, which will be carried out during your pet’s examination.


What Treatments are Available?

Obesity is most effectively managed with a detailed weight loss program, including feeding a diet low in calories. Willows’ Specialist in Clinical Nutrition will be able to discuss the diet options available for your pet, including commercial diets and a balanced home-cooked diet.


What can I Expect if my Pet is Treated for Obesity?

Our Specialist in Clinical Nutrition will devise a tailor-made weight loss plan for your dog or cat, including an appropriate low-calorie diet. This plan will include regular monitoring of the weight loss so that adjustments can be made to the programme to achieve safe and sustained weight loss.

Long Term Management

Once the desired weight loss has been achieved, our Nutritional Specialist will formulate a plan to support your pet in maintaining the ideal weight.

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