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Dr Stephen Baines


Head of Oncology

RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Surgery
European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery
RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Oncology


JSAP Feb 2022 – Outcome of superficial brachial axial pattern flaps used to close skin defects in dogs: 16 cases (1996-2019) E. Villedieu,M. C. Nolff,S. Del Magno,T. Emmerson,E. Field,R. Hattersley,B. De La Puerta,R. A. Ragni ,S. J. Baines JAAHA May/June 2022

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Chiara Penzo


RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Oncology
EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Oncology

Peer Reviewed Papers

C Dedola, L Ordeix, C Penzo. (2014) Indagine su aspetti clinici e terapeutici del 4 linfoma cutaneo epiteliotropo nel cane. [English: survey on clinical and therapeutical aspects of Canine Epitheliotrophic Lymphoma] Veterinaria n 4 Agosto 2014

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Penzo C, Ross M, Muirhead R, Else R, Argyle DJ. (2009) Effect of recombinant feline interferon-ω alone and in combination with chemotherapy agents on putative tumour initiating cells and daughter cells derived from canine and feline mammary tumours. Veterinary and Comparative OncologyDec;7(4):222-9.

Schmiedt CW, Penzo C, Schwab MC, Dubielzig R, McAnulty JF. (2006) Use of capecitabine to prevent acute renal allograft rejection in DEA-matched dogs. Veterinary Surgery35(2): 113-124.


Continuing Education Articles

Penzo C. Conjunctival swelling and intermittent vomiting in a dog. VetCPD Journal n.1 December 2014 pg 39-41

Penzo C. Chronic ad weight loss in a cat. VetCPD Journal n.1 April 2014 pg 19-22

Penzo C. Gastric alimentary lymphoma in a cat. La Settimana Veterinaria 05/03/2014 n864[In Italian]

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Penzo C. Health and Safety on the Handling and Use of Cytotoxic Drugs in Small Animal Practice. AIVPA Journal 4/2013. [In Italian]

Penzo C, Stefanelli D. Clinical approach to the oncology patient and principles of anticancer therapy. AIVPA Journal 1/2013. [In Italian]

Penzo C, Lanevschi-Pietersma S. Teleoncology as a practice tool to extend access to quality cancer care. In Practice 2012, 34:608-612

Penzo C. Caring for animals with cancer. Vet Record Careers, May 2012.

Penzo C. Canine cutaneous mast cell tumours FAQs.  Consulta de Difusion Veterinaria. 2012.


Book Chapters

C Penzo, EP Spugnini. May 2014 Chemioterapia. PLUS Chapter: Principi attivi [English: Active principles] – Pharmacology
information of individual chemotherapy drugs. In: Prontuario Terapeutico Veterinario. 6^ Edition 2014. Edizioni Veterinarie, Cremona (Italy). (Title in English: Chemotherapy. In: Veterinary Formulary)


Abstracts/Posters/Oral Presentations

Petterino C, Penzo C, Ide A. (2013). Clinical pathological findings of primary hemangiosarcoma of the tibia in a dog. 15th ESVCP- ECVCP Congress 6-6 November 2013, Berlin, Germany.

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Claire Williams


Veterinary Oncologist

Fournier Q, Serra JC, Williams C and Bavcar S (2020) Chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea in dogs and its management with smectite: results of a monocentric open-label randomized clinical trial. Veterinary and Comparative Oncology