18 April 2023

A cat who suffered from multiple injuries and was left in a coma-like state for three days having been hit by a car, has made an incredible recovery thanks to our team here at Willows.

It was touch and go for 13-year-old Simba after he was involved in the road accident, but he is happily now back to his old self following our specialist-led multidisciplinary approach to his treatment.

Even though he had no visible signs of head trauma, Simba had suffered a variety of injuries including multiple pelvic fractures, fluid in his chest and bruising to his lungs. Such was the seriousness of Simba’s condition, he was also comatose for three days before showing any signs of improvement.

It was following treatment in our dedicated intensive care unit in the West Midlands that he started to recover and his road to full recovery was made possible thanks to the collaborative approach to care by our emergency and critical careneurologyorthopaedicanaesthesia and diagnostic imaging specialists.

Simba’s owner, Rebecca Tandy from Worcester, said: “We were very concerned because Simba had to have a lot of tests and we were unsure if he was going to make it as he was just so unwell.

“He was given only a 30 per cent chance of surviving but with all the care and attention from the multidisciplinary team at Willows, he made it.

“After discharge he still needed a few weeks in a crate before he was back to his usual self. He now has an amazing quality of life and can jump and play with other animals.”

Simba did not require any surgery on his head following the accident but did need an operation to repair his damaged pelvis.

Fernanda Camacho, American Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care here at Willows, led Simba’s treatment and explained: “Simba’s a remarkable cat and has astounded all of us with his recovery.

“He was quite unusual as he showed no signs of head trauma but was in a coma-like state for three days.

“We had to explain to his owners the severity of his condition but also advised them to stay positive, as cats are amazing at defying the odds and pulling through big traumas. “Simba responded well to treatment, including a blood transfusion, pelvic surgery, feeding via a tube, excellent ICU nursing care and it was a real team effort to get him back home to Worcester. It’s fantastic to hear he is completely back to his old self.”