Scientific Publications


Internal Medicine

Mark Dunning


Head of Internal Medicine

RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine
European Specialist of Small Animal Internal Medicine
Professor in Small Animal Internal Medicine

Scientific publications:

‘The use of omental pedicle grafts in reconstruction of chronic non-healing axillary wounds in 10 cats’.  Lascelles BDX, Davison LD, Dunning MD, Bray JP, White RA. Journal of Small Animal Practice 1998, 39: 475-480.

‘Urinary tract infections in small animals: pathophysiology and diagnosis’. Dunning MD and Stonehewer J. In Practice 2002, 24(8): 418-432.

‘Urinary tract infections in small animals: therapeutic options and management of problem cases’. Dunning MD and Stonehewer J. In Practice 2002, 24(9):518-527.

Increasing local levels of neuregulin (glial growth factor-2) by direct infusion into areas of demyelination does not alter remyelination in the rat CNS. Penderis J, Woodruff RH, Lakatos A, Li WW, Dunning MD, Zhao C, Marchionni M, Franklin RJEur J Neurosci. 2003 Oct;18(8):2253-64.

Dunning MD, Lakatos A, Loizou L, Kettunen M, ffrench-constant C, Brindle KM, Franklin RJM, Superparamagnetic iron oxide-labelled Schwann cells and olfactory ensheathing cells can be traced in vivo using magnetic resonance imaging and retain functional properties following transplantation into the CNS. The Journal of Neuroscience 2004 24(44):9799 –9810

Dunning MD, Kettunen M, ffrench-constant C, Franklin RJM, Brindle KM.  Magnetic resonance imaging of functional Schwann cell transplants labelled with magnetic microspheres. Neuroimage 2006: 15; 31 (1): 172-80

Alpha1-proteinase inhibitor deficiency and Bartonella infection in association with panniculitis, polyarthritis, and meningitis in a dog. Mellor PJ, Fetz K, Maggi RG, Haugland S, Dunning M, Villiers EJ, Mellanby RJ, Williams D, Breitschwerdt E, Herrtage MEJVIM 2006 20 (4): 1023-8

Exogenous insulin treatment after hypofractionated radiotherapy in cats with diabetes and acromegaly. Dunning MD, Lowrie CA, Bexfield NH, Dobson JM, Herrtage ME, JVIM 2009 23(2): 243-9.

Haemophilia A (Factor VIII deficiency) in a litter of Weimaraners. MD Dunning, GF Averis, H Pattinson, S Cade, ME Herrtage, JSAP 2009: 50(7): 357-9.

Comparison of survival after surgical or medical treatment in dogs with a congenital portosystemic shunt.  Greenhalgh SN, Dunning MD, McKinley TJ, Goodfellow MR, Kelman KR, Freitag T, O’Neill EJ, Hall EJ, Watson PJ, Jeffery ND, J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2010 Jun 1;236(11):1215-20

COX-2 expression and outcome in canine nasal carcinomas treated with hypofractionated radiotherapy.  Belshaw Z, Constantio-Casas F, Brearley MJ, Dunning MD, Holmes MA, Dobson JM, Vet Comp Oncol 2011 9(2): 141-148

Colonic Vascular Ectasia (angiodysplasia) in a juvenile dog. Charlesworth T, Anderson DM, Scase T, Dunning MD, JSAP 2013, 54(1): 36-9

Long-Term survival and quality of life in dogs with clinical signs associated with a congenital portosystemic shunt after surgical or medical treatment. Greenhalgh SN, Reeve JA, Johnstone T, Goodfellow MR, Dunning MD, O’Neill EJ, Hall EJ, Watson PJ, Jeffery ND, JAVMA, 2014, 245(5): 527-533

Use of a Microsoft Excel based add-in program to calculate plasma sinistrin clearance by a two-compartment model analysis in dogs. STEINBACH, SARAH ML, STURGESS CP., DUNNING MD. and NEIGER R, Res Vet Sci 2015, 100: 263-264

A review of anaemia of inflammatory disease in dogs and cats. CHIKAZAWA, S and DUNNING, MD, 2016. JSAP 2016 57(7), 348-353

Polyglandular endocrinopathy type II (Schmidt’s syndrome) in a Dobermann pinscher. Cartwright JA, Stone J, Rick M, Dunning MD, JSAP 2016 57, 491-4

Multiple Genetic Associations with Irish Wolfhound Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Simpson S1Dunning MD1Brownlie S1Patel J1Godden M1Cobb M1Mongan NP2Rutland CS1. Biomed Res Int, 2016, 637, 4082

Improving IBD in dogs through exercise. Dunning MD, Vet Rec, 2017, 180, 222-223

Preliminary investigation of urine N‐telopeptide concentration as a biomarker of bone resorption in dogs receiving glucocorticoids. Adamany, J.L., Cross, G.F., Gardner, D. and Dunning, M.D., JSAP 2017 58, 403-407

Comparative review of human and canine osteosarcoma: morphology, epidemiology, prognosis, treatment and genetics. Simpson S, Dunning MD, de Brot S, Grau-Roma L, Mongan NP, Rutland CS. Acta Vet Scand. 2017 Oct 24;59(1):

A remote assay for measuring canine platelet activation and the inhibitory effects of antiplatelet agents. Dunning M, May J, Adamany J, Heptinstall S, Fox S. JVIM 2018, 32 (1): 119-127

Gall bladder mucoceles in Border terriers.  Allerton FSwinbourne FBarker LBlack VKathrani ATivers MHenriques TKisielewicz CDunning MKent A. JVIM 2018.

Pathological Findings in the Pituitary Glands of Dogs and Cats. Polledo L, Grinwis GCM, Graham P, Dunning M, Baiker K. Veterinary Pathology, 2018

Survey-based pilot study into the chosen therapy and prophylaxis used by UK primary care veterinary surgeons against canine angiostrongylosis., Suttleworth A, Wright I, Dunning M, Elsheikha H,. Veterinary Parasitology: Regional Studies and reports, 2018


Abstract presentations:

  • Reduction in exogenous insulin requirements following hypofractionated radiotherapy in cats with diabetes mellitus and acromegaly – BSAVA 2007, Birmingham, UK
  • The long-term outcome of canine and feline porto-systemic shunts – ECVIM 2007, Budapest, Hungary
  • Thromboelastometry in dogs presenting with overt haemorrhage or at risk of a coagulopathy – BSAVA 2010, Birmingham, UK
  • The use of 20% human albumin in 60 dogs: side effects experienced and influence on outcome – ECVIM 2012, Maastricht
  • Canine diabetes mellitus, monitoring and survival in first opinion practice – BSAVA 2014, Birmingham, UK
  • Development of a remote platelet P-selectin test for delayed measurement of platelet function in dogs and cats – ECVIM 2014, Meinz
  • The use of faecal lactoferrin as a marker of intestinal inflammation in dogs with chronic enteropathy – ECVIM 2014, Meinz
  • A study investigating the epidemiological factors influencing the development of Osteosarcoma in UK Rottweilers – BSAVA 2015, Birmingham, UK
  • A study in the comparative values placed on consultations by pet owners and primary care veterinary surgeons in the UK – BSAVA 2015, Birmingham, UK
  • Development of an algorithmic approach to the diagnosis of acute canine pancreatitis – BSAVA 2016, Birmingham, UK
  • The Clinical Abnormalities Used by Primary Care Practitioners to Direct Testing for FeLV and FIV in the UK – BSAVA 2016, Birmingham, UK
  • Measurement of urine NTx excretion as a surrogate marker of bone resorption in dogs receiving glucocorticoid therapy – BSAVA 2016, Birmingham, UK
  • The influence of androgen receptor polymorphisms on the development of cruciate disease in Rottweilers – BSAVA 2016, Birmingham, UK
  • The diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic monitoring of canine hypothyroidism in primary care practice in the UK (2009-2014) – BSAVA 2016, Birmingham, UK
  • A questionnaire-based study investigating the prevalence of collapse in Labradors in the UK and its association with exercise – BSAVA 2016, Birmingham, UK
  • An investigation into gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) in UK Deerhounds – BSAVA 2017, Birmingham, UK
  • The Use Of A Combination-Drug Protocol Versus Glucocorticoids Alone For Treatment Of Idiopathic Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis, ACVIM, 2017, Washington, USA
  • Breed predisposition to gall bladder mucocoeles in Border Terriers – ECVIM, 2017, St Julien’s, Malta
  • Urinary biomarker concentrations in canine urinary tract infections – ECVIM, 2017, St Julien’s, Malta
  • Owner’s opinions of Osteosarcoma treatments in large breed dogs – ECVIM, 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • A retrospective multi-centre study investigating evidence of thrombosis in dogs diagnosed with atrial fibrillation – ECVIM, 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • What factors influence the development and outcome of Gastric dilatation and volvulus (GD/GDV) in Greyhounds? – BSAVA 2019, Birmingham, UK

Isuru Gajanayake


Head of Clinical Nutrition

RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Medicine (Internal Medicine)
American and European Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine
American Specialist in Small Animal Nutrition

Scientific Articles and Case Reports

Wray, J.D., Gajanayake, I. & Smith, S.H. (2007) Congestive heart failure associated with a large transverse left ventricular moderator band in a cat. Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery 9, 56-60.Chandler, M., Elwood, C., Murphy, K., Gajanayake, I. & Syme, H (2007) Juvenile nephropathy in 37 Boxer dogs. Journal of Small Animal Practice 48, 690-694.

Gajanayake, I., Niessen, S., Cherubini, G.B. & Shelton, G.D. (2008) Acquired myasthenia gravis and dysautonomia in a dog. Journal of Small Animal Practice 49, 593-595.Penning, V.A., Connolly, D.J.,

Gajanayake, I., McMahon, L.A., Luis Fuentes, V., Chandler, K.E. & Volk, H.A. (2009) Seizure-like episodes in three cats with intermittent high grade atrioventricular dysfunction. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 23, 200-205.

Gajanayake, I., Priestnall, S.L., Benigni, L., English, K., Summers, B.A. & Garden, O.A. (2010) Paraneoplastic hypercalcemia in a dog with benign renal angiomyxoma. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 22, 775-780.

Gajanayake, I., Wylie, C. E. and Chan, D. L. (2013) Clinical experience with a lipid-free, ready-made parenteral nutrition solution in dogs: 70 cases (2006–2012). Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care 23(3), 305-313.

Darcy H, Simpson K, Gajanayake I, Seth M, McGrotty Y, Szladovits B and Glanemann B (2018). Feline primary erythrocytosis: a multicentre case series of 18 cats. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 20(12), 1192-1198.


Review Articles

Gajanayake, I. & Chan, D.L. (2009) Nutritional support for the critical care patient. In Practice 31, 386-389.

Gajanayake, I. (2014) Management of the anorexic cat. In Practice 36, 163-171.

Andrew H Sparkes, Sarah Caney, Serge Chalhoub, Jonathan Elliott, Natalie Finch, Gajanayake I, Catherine Langston, Hervé P Lefebvre, Joanna White, and Jessica Quimby (2016) ISFM Consensus Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Management of Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 18: 219-239.

Gajanayake, I. (2017) Senior pets – dietary advice to offer cat and dog owners. Vet Times, 17 April 2017.


Book Chapters

Gajanayake, I. (2015) Nasoesophageal feeding tubes in dogs and cats

Gajanayake, I. & Chan, D.L. (2015) Gastrostomy feeding tubes in dogs and cats

In: Nutritional Management of Hospitalized Small Animals. 1st edn. Ed Daniel L. Chan. Wiley Blackwell, Chichester, United Kingdom. 

Gajanayake, I., Lumbis, R., Greet, G. & Girling, S. (2011) Nutrition and feeding. In: BSAVA Textbook of Veterinary Nursing. 5th edn. Eds B. Cooper, E. Mollineaux and L. Turner. British Small Animal Veterinary Association, Gloucester, United Kingdom. pp 305-345.

Kirsty Roe


RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Medicine (Internal Medicine)
American and European Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine


K.Roe, A. Pratt, J. Lulich, C. Osborne and H. Syme (2012) Analysis of 14,008 uroliths from dogs in the UK over a 10-year period. Journal of Small Animal Practice 53, 634-640

Warren-Smith CM, Roe K, de la Puerta B, Smith K, Lamb CR (2011) Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma seeding along a fine needle aspiration tract in a dog. Veterinary Record 13; 169 (7): 181

Roe KA, Syme HM, Brooks HW (2010) Congenital large intestinal hypoganglionosis in a domestic shorthair kitten. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 12 (5): 418- 20

Book chapters contributor:

Taylor, S. Harvey, A. (2015) Feline Internal Medicine Review and Test. 1st edition Saunders Elsevier

Fergus Allerton


European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine

Research Publications:

Girod, M, Allerton, F., Gommeren, K., Tutunaru, AC., de Marchin, J.3, Van Soens, I., Ramery, E. and Peeters, D. (2016) Evaluation of the effect of oral omeprazole on canine cerebrospinal fluid production: A pilot study. The Vet Journal 209: 119-24

F.J.W. Allerton, J. Leemans, F. Bernearts, C. Tual, F. Bernaerts, N. Kirschvink, and C. Clercx (2013) Correlation of bronchoalveolar eosinophilic percentage with airway responsiveness in cats with chronic bronchial disease. Journal of Small Animal Practice 54, 258–264

Gomart, S, Allerton, F, Gommeren, K Accuracy of different temperature reading techniques and associated stress response in hospitalized dogs. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care

Gommeren, K, Allerton, F, Reynaud, A, Morin, E, Peeters, D, and Silverstein, D Evaluation of a rapid bedside scoring system for microcirculation videos acquired from dogs. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care


Research – Presentations:  With an international target audience

Ravicini, S., Kent, A., Dunning, M. and Allerton, F. (2017) The Use of a Combination-Drug Protocol Versus Glucocorticoids Alone for Treatment of Idiopathic Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis. Proceedings of the ACVIM Congress, Maryland, USA

Allerton, F., Swinbourne, F., Dunning, M. and Kent, M. (2017). Breed predisposition to gall bladder mucocoeles in Border Terriers. Proceedings of the 27th ECVIM-CA Congress, Malta

Allerton, F*, Gommeren, K, Reynaud, A, Morin, E, Peeters, D, Drobatz, K, & Silverstein, D. (2012). Semiquantitative bedside evaluation of the microcirculation via sidestream dark field imaging in dogs. Proceedings of the 22nd ECVIM-CA Congress (pp. 208).

de Laat, B. W. G. A, Gommeren, K, Denies, S, Merveille, A.-C, Gomart, S, Allerton, F, & Peeters, D. (2012). Influence of sedatives, anticonvulsants and a negative chronotrope on transcranial doppler ultrasonography. Proceedings of the 22nd ECVIM-CA Congress (pp. 209).

Gommeren, K, Allerton, F*, Reynaud, A, Morin, E, Drobatz, K, Peeters, D, & Silverstein, D. (2012). Qualitative bedside evaluation of the microcirculation via sidestream dark field imaging in dogs. Proceedings of the 22nd ECVIM-CA Congress (pp. 208).

Girod, M, Allerton, F, Gommeren, K, Tutunaru, A, De-Marchin, J, Van Soens, I, Peeters, D. (2013) Effects of omeprazole on the canine cerebrospinal fluid composition. Proceedings of the 23rd ECVIM-CA Congress.

Bryn Jones


RCVS and European Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine

Jones, B. A., Cotterill, N., Drees, R., Dietrich, U. M., & Purzycka, K. (2022). Tumours involving the retrobulbar space in cats: 37 cases. Journal of feline medicine and surgery, 24(6), e116–e123.

Glanemann, B., Humm, K., Abreu, M., Aspinall, S., Buckeridge, D., Carveth, H., Darcy, H., Florey, J., Frowde, P., Gajanayake, I., Green, K., Holmes, E., Hrovat, A., Jasensky, A. K., Jones, B. A., Lantzaki, V., Lo, E. J., MacDonald, K., O’Brien, K., Suárez-Bonnet, A., … Wilson, H. (2023). Clinical and clinicopathological features and outcomes of cats with suspected dietary induced pancytopenia. Journal of veterinary internal medicine, 10.1111/jvim.16613.